PROPHETS OF THIS CITY© Khumbelo Makungo — 2014

Deemed the city of gold, this Jo’burg carries on its shoulders dreams of the hopeful; fears of the wary; melodies of the songbird; and colours of the crafters. Overcast by the realities of its occupants, this Jo’burg claims an identity. However, it should be clear to any curious being that this ever-forming city is shaped by its dwellers. Its narrative behaves like a chronic condition found on every corner, every pavement, every floor and every soul. Each soul pregnant with ambitions, which in turn births a city. This is our Jo’birth... a city through us frozen in a frame.

The ‘Prophets of This City’ series by Khumbelo Makungo aims, through the medium of photography, to the represent this truth of Jo’burg. The series attempts to capture the city through the experience of those who are part of it.

The “Prophets of this City” collection was first displayed as part of the Translation exhibition in Newtown, Johannesburg. Translation was a collaborative exhibition by three photographers – Lebogang Ditibane, Jeff Rikhotso and the photographer behind this series, Khumbelo Makungo.

— words by Bafana Qwabe

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